Cahill Associates can help you answer and resolve problems surrounding these kinds of typical family
business questions.  Imagine the benefits to your organization if you could get the right answers on
a timely basis from an organization that you can depend on.  Contact us with your questions.
Where do I find an affordable jack-of-all-trades, family business professional  that I can bounce an idea off of once and a while?
Is there some one person out there that could sit down with me and give me financial, marketing, operations and distribution feedback?
How do I go about identifying the key issues which, when addressed, will take this business to the next level?
Is there someone out there that can help me address these issues, once identified?
How do I go about aligning our strengths with our opportunities?
How do I go about identifying our weaknesses and then improve them?
How do I get my management team to be all on the same page?
Where are we at risk? What are the threats to this business?
Should we have a mission statement and develop strategies, a plan and a budget?  If so, how?
If we need capital to grow, how much and from where do we get it?
Is my company structured and staffed in the right way to accommodate future growth?
Should I outsource or develop certain capabilities in-house?
Is there someone out there that can really give me an independent assessment of our technology situation?
How do I get help finding and hiring key personnel? What if I need a key exec in a pinch on an interim basis?
How can I get my staff some management know-how without having to send them off-site?
How do I set up a compensation system that is based on performance and fair to all?
Should I and how do I get non-employee family members involved in the business?
Should I put non-family members in key positions? How do I reward them?
How do I go about dealing with succession?
Should I establish an advisory board?  How do I go about doing this?

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