SWOTAct is a process that helps clients achieve breakthrough successes by leading them through a team-based process that will identify their key strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.  The outcome results in specific action plans that will help improve organizational success, the alignment of strengths with opportunities and a better appreciation of internal weaknesses and external threats.
SWOTAct evolves around answering one simple overarching question.  "How do we need to change the way we are doing business to compete more effectively and be more successful? ".  Debate and dialogue with and between current management staff around this question and getting to the key issues is the focus of the exercise. 
SWOTAct assembles a cross functional management team and has members individually identify and rank what each feels are the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the company.  When this work is completed team members as a group are then asked to discuss their collective work and decide on the top three to five key issues overall.  These are usually the key issues, those that need to be understood and consensed before moving on to the next step ---  developing action plans to address each of them. 
Cahill Associates (CA) facilitates the entire SWOTAct process including handling offsite meeting logistics and siting if/as necessary.
Here is a basic outline of the steps in a typical SWOTAct process:
1. Develop and finalize the SWOTAct questionnaire.
2. Identify/organize the team; issue a launch memo and questionnaire.
3. Launch meeting - present current assessment, need for the process, team process/objectives; answer questions.
4. Individual members complete questionnaires;  submit confidential results to CA.
5. CA compiles responses and returns summary (but not who said what) to team members.
6. Team members assess colleagues' issues and rank again, if desired.
7. Team meets to discuss and prioritize top 3-5 issues (as a team).
8. CA debriefs with top management/owners.
9. Key action elements are identified; action plans are drafted.
SWOTAct has several by-products. It is an important step toward getting all key personnel involved in a semi-strategic process.  You will have begun a process of more systematically assessing and harnessing the abundant talent that lies within your firm.  You will have considerable, if not total, consensus on the key issues the company needs to catalyze significant growth.  You will have identified key actions needed and have understanding and commitment to make each happen.  You will have a better sense as to the likelihood of the future success of and the capabilities of your management team both individually and collectively.
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SWOTActtm  - a strategic planning and implementation process

One of Cahill Associates' forte┤s is conducting a strategic planning and implementation process coined "SWOTAct".  If you want help with the question  "How do I go about identifying the key issues which, when addressed, will take our business to the next level?",  then SWOTAct may be something you want to consider.    
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