Cahill Associates' (CA) sole mission is to assist small companies to successfully navigate through the myriad small company growth challenges.
Mike Cahill, principal and lead consultant, BBA/MBA, garnered a wealth of business experience helping a fledgling, family-owned communications/publishing company grow from less than $1mm in annual sales to over $50mm over almost 30 years. Having led the company in just about every single department and discipline throughout his tenure, in 1999 Mike decided to set out on his own and established Cahill Associates. 
An extremely energetic, top and bottom-line oriented Senior level business operations, financial, and technology executive, Mike possesses an extensive multi-disciplined background including business administration, marketing, business development, business operations, corporate and international finance, information systems, legal,  intellectual property,  manufacturing, distribution, and creative services management expertise. He has an extraordinary record for solving complex problems in a fast-paced environment and for building and leading effective, cross functional solution teams. Exceptional interpersonal skills make Mike a real pleasure to work with.
Mike has both a Bachelors in Business Administration degree and a Masters in Business Administration degree from the University of Massachusetts' Isenberg School of Management where he has served on the Business Advisory Council for 15 years.
Other individuals available in support of CA's mission include specialists in public relations, organizational behavior/dynamics, financial management and skin care industry product and service marketing and distribution. 
Cahill Associates' knowledge and skill set spectrum includes:
Strategic/Tactical Business Planning                                                             Dynamic Group Facilitation  
Action Plan Development/Implementation                                                    Entrepreneurial Growth                              Management Assessment, Development, Leadership                                    Succession Planning
Key Execs/Management Searches                                                               Salary Administration/Personnel Issues
Info Systems Management                                                                           Project Management
Marketing, Public Relations                                                                          International Business
Legal, Risk Management                                                                              Finance, Budgeting, Cash Flow Mgt.
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